Why a Lawsuit isn’t Always the Best Plan of Action

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lawsuitYou’re living in a sue-happy society, but that doesn’t mean that all cases are good cases. If you’re in a situation that you believe prompts a lawsuit, be sure to consider these key factors before you reach out to a lawyer.

How Solid Is Your Case: This one can be tricky. When we feel wronged, we’re often swift to take action, letting emotions cloud reasonable judgment. Before you consult with a Dallas Texas criminal lawyer and file a lawsuit against your neighbor because you tripped on their sidewalk, consider what it will take to prove your neighbor was actually at fault.

Make Final Demands: Sure, you dream of settling your lawsuit for thousands of dollars and retiring off the money. However, most individuals and businesses don’t have an issue with righting the wrong if you simply ask them to do so. Take the steps necessary to make your grievance known and allow the opposite party time to correct before attempting to drag someone to court.

Will You Be Able to Collect: Just because a judgment is issued doesn’t mean an individual can afford to pay you what you feel you’re owed. Before diving in to a costly lawsuit, consider the financial situation of the party you’re looking to sue.

Can You Afford a Lawyer: Lawyers are expensive – and with good reason. They make their entire life about your case. Search average billing rates for lawyers in your area to determine if you have enough resources at your disposal to hire a lawyer.

Can Your Case Be Handled in Small Claims: We’ve already determined that lawyers are a costly investment. However, if your case is solid enough to bring to court, consider the amount in damages you are seeking. If the amount is less than $5,000, chances are you can be heard in small claims court. An added bonus – you might be allowed to represent yourself, saving on lawyer fees.

Lawsuits are everywhere. We read about them in the news and watch them on television. But while filing a lawsuit may seem like a quick fix, it’s a very large decision. Be sure to research the facts prior to calling a lawyer. Chances are you’ll save yourself both time and money.

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