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What is Family Law?

family lawyerIf you’re getting married, going through a separation or annulment, adopting, taking guardianship of a child, or even experiencing domestic violence, you may need to invest in a Family Lawyer. Family law covers a variety of topics concerning the law. Often, parties are involved with one another by marriage or by blood – but not always.

When we think of family law, we often get images of emotionally charged cases. These can be bitter divorces, the sudden passing of a parent or similar. While many family law cases can be emotionally taxing, they can also be harmonious and respectful. Below are several instances where you may want to consult with or invest in a lawyer.


Separation or Annulment

Separation, or divorce, and annulment are examples of court procedures that end a marriage. While a divorce often has a negative connotation, the legal process and final outcome can be quite positive.  Unlike a divorce, an annulment essentially treats a marriage as though it never existed.


Child Custody or Visitation

There are many reasons why personal relationships don’t work. Whether you were married or not, you may want to speak with a family lawyer on the topic of child custody or visitation if you and your partner had a child. There are a variety of custody types including legal custody, physical custody, sole custody and joint custody. There are also different types of visitation including noncustodial parent visitation, supervised visitation and grandparent visitation.



A guardianship tends to be for children who can no longer be cared for by their parents as well as individuals over the age of eighteen that have been declared mentally or physically incapacitated. There are several types of guardianship that may be considered in court including limited guardianship, co-guardianship, a guardian of property and guardian ad litem.


Domestic Violence

Violence within a relationship can be devastating. Unfortunately, it can exist in many relationship forms including married, unmarried, heterosexual or homosexual. While most individuals feel that the law only applies to married women in violent relationships, the scope of this law reaches much further.

No matter what difficulty your family is facing, a family lawyer can be immensely helpful.

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