Always having the right type of lawyer

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Lawyers understand that once you have built a relationship is can be hard to accept that you may need another criminal defense attorney for certain types of work. Having a lawyer is much like having a doctor or therapist, they know you intimately and there is a sense of trust. When you need to have some estate work done it can seem like a perfectly good idea to have your contract lawyer take care of it, but it is not.

Lawyers specialize for a reason

A lawyer doesn’t just handle accidents or real estate because they get a lot of those types of cases, they actively specialize in different areas of the law. Law is complicated and one precedent or type doesn’t have a lot in common with the other. Yes, they may all deal with filings, motions and courts – but how they deal with them is varied.

choosing a lawyerYou want a specialist, not a generalist

There are some general lawyers and they can be very effective with none priority filings. If you have anything complicated, you really need to have a specialist lawyer. Think about it. You may love your PCP, but .when it comes time to have surgery you really want a specialist. Your PCP may be fine with doing small surgeries in their office that don’t require general anesthesia, but there is more at risk with a major surgery. The same holds true with lawyers. The lawyer who checks your contracts to make sure all the clauses are agreeable isn’t going to be able to see your estate in the same way. The goals and priorities for each area of practice are different even for a Boston massachusetts criminal attorney.

Should you ask for a recommendation?

Most lawyers work in groups or have solid networks in the local area of other lawyers they trust. If your lawyer knows you well, chances are they will know who you will work well with too. Ask for a recommendation but then follow through and have a consultation with the other lawyer and weigh whether or not they are the right fit for you.

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