5 Apps That Will Change Your Law Practice

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We’re living in a technology-driven world. As a lawyer, you’re constantly on the move meeting clients and attending court appearances. But while you have company email installed on your phone or iPad for your jewellery store, you’re feeling like that may not be enough to keep head of the competition anymore even if you are the best criminal defense attorney.

Thankfully, there is a big, wide world of law-related apps available for your smartphone. We’ve got the scoop on some of the best available to you below.


CaseManager: If you belong to a small, boutique firm or if you have your own practice, this is the app you’ve been looking for. Designed to give you access to all of your case information including contacts, a calendar, notes, and time/expenses. CaseManager will keep you organized and your clients feeling like they hired a rock star.

Password1: Protecting the privacy of your clients is a top priority. As a lawyer, you have various tools at your disposal that contain client information. Everything from your email to your apps is susceptible to hackers. In order to keep client information safe, use an app that can generate complicated passwords and store them, ensuring privacy for you and your clients.

TranscriptPad: When you have cases, you have testimony. With this app, it’s easy to pick out key testimony from witnesses on various key issues in the case. Whether you use it now or months after testimony, TranscriptPad makes it simple to pull up important notes, draft motions or prepare for trial.

Deliveries: You’re forever getting packages delivered to your office. Key client paperwork, checks and more shouldn’t sit too long – but it would be helpful to know when it arrives, especially if you’re out of the office for trial or meetings. Easily check the status of your packages coming from the post office, FedEx and more by downloading an app – and keeping all your tracking numbers in one space.

GoodReader: When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to find time to sign the documents that keep your law business up and running. GoodReader allows you to sign a variety of documents right from your iPhone or iPad. You can even save your signature for future use.

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